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My Method

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here! You can call me Sam. My number one goal is getting you  comfortable in front of the camera to create genuine, beautiful portraits. Because let's be real, 99% of us aren't professional or even amateurs at modeling. (I know I'm definitely not!)

Half the time someone has a camera pointed your way, you're probably thinking "I don't know what to do with my hands. What do I normally do with my hands???" (HIMYM anyone?)

Or maybe you're worried you won't look natural in front of the camera, and end up with the Chandler Bing smile. (Chandler cracks me up every time)


This is where I come in. I'll get you walking, twirling, snuggling, laughing and maybe even dancing (in a cute way) until you're so immersed into hanging out with your loved ones you won't even remember to think about hands and smiles.

Photo by Art of Headshots


I consider myself a Canadian Dutch . . . or a Dutch Canadian? I lost my ability to understand most dutch after I moved to Canada when I was 5, but one dutch swear-word managed to stick in my head (not that anyone would ever hear me swear)!


Speaking of dutch, my last name translates to Button in english. Would it be super cheesy of me to say it's because I'm as cute as a button? Okay, okay, you can stop rolling your eyes now.


The second I get home you'll find me in fleece PJ pants, a fuzzy sweater, and hair in a messy bun. We'll pretend its because I don't want pet hair on my nice clothes . . . but I just prefer being comfy!


I will race my boyfriend to get to bed first - just so I don't have to be the one to turn off the lights.

My Style

I adore capturing images of you that are organic, intimate and loving. As you've likely already witnessed in my portfolio, my photography style about genuine connections. I also capture a few relaxed portraits because, lets face it, grandparents love traditional portraits of their grandbabies.


In 2019 our family grew by one . . . dog. His name is Cooper. I absolutely adore him and our cat Meatball and I am determined to have them be best friends one day. So far they barely tolerate being in the same room as each other.


Most things sweet and unhealthy are my eternal weakness. If I got to choose my last meal, it would be filled with things like Instagram-worthy, buttercream cakes, Ollia macarons, and white chocolate lava cake. Oh boy, my mouth is watering just thinking of these!


You'll find me with a ridiculously big smile on my face when I get to photograph landscapes. My favourite hobby is hiking the rocky mountains with my camera.


Harry Potter will always be my favourite story, but I will insist you read the books (or listen to the audiobooks) because SO MUCH is missing from the movies. Nothing major plot wise, but it's all the small details in the books that make the story so magical - just like real life.

Your Beauty

I'm all about sincere, unfiltered expressions. The people around you see the beauty in you everyday: in the way you animatedly reveal that awkward situation you found yourself in the other day, in the way you laugh as your adorable dog comes in for an unexpected snuggle into your neck, and in the way you lovingly gaze at your significant other as they cleverly joke around, but never at another's expense.

I think you're most beautiful when you let that light inside you shine, and I want to coax that out of you. 

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