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Edworthy Park Family Photos | Calgary Family Photography

Being a small business owner makes you appreciate each and every person that comes knocking on your door. But my heart is especially joyful when I get families returning to see me year after year, because I get to see how each child grows into their personalities, and grow in height too!

Beautiful Shaz and her family have worked with me since 2017, for a total of 4 family sessions. It's been so rewarding seeing her two kids recognize me each successive time we work together. This year we were a little delayed in setting up a date since Farshid has been working in BC. COVID has impacted so many families, thankfully as of October Shaz's family has not caught COVID, however Farshid lost his job and was forced to expand where he was looking for work. Thankfully Farshid was hired in BC but we're all hoping he is able to find something in Calgary again before long!

I could feel Shaz's excitement as she told me the story of Farshid coming home. He had been home briefly a few weeks prior from BC and wasn't expected home again so soon. Farshid called his family one thursday evening pretending to be at his temporary BC home and our brilliant sleuth Shaz heard strange noises in the background of the call. She quickly deduced Farshid must not be home and questioned if he was on his way back to Calgary to surprise the family. Shaz was beyond excited when Farshid confirmed her theory. She reached out to me and we quickly set up a time to photograph the family before Farshid had to return to BC.

Shayan and Neela were probably at least as excited as they are above when their dad surprised them at home. Their number one priority during their short time together was having quality family time, and having beautiful memories to look back on while apart.

One of my favourite games to play is "who is the...(fastest, best cook, loudest snorer etc)" and the results always manage to get the family laughing. I think its a good to be reminded that we're all good at something, especially when we sometimes get caught up in the negative things in life. One of the reasons I love this photo so much is that you can see how much Farshid is still head over heels in love with his wife. Look at how he gazes at her.

Of course a fall photo session wouldn't be complete without a classic leaf throwing photo. As you can tell Edworthy Park is filled with fallen leaves at the moment! Edworthy Park is one of many fantastic Calgary parks to choose for family photos, regardless of the time of year. Reach out to me here to book your next family session.

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