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Confederation Park Family Photos | Calgary Family Photography

After 3 reschedules due to Calgary's stormy start to the 2020 summer, Shannon's family and I were finally able to meet for our photo session! Shannon chose Confederation Park in Calgary because she spends much of her free time strolling through the area with her son, Matthew. They're joined by her husband, Tony, when he's not working.

One of the very first things Matthew asked me when I met him was if I wanted to check out his dirt bike. Shannon quickly explained that Matthew calls his bike his dirt bike. He revved up the handle bars and kick started his bike into action and was quickly gliding down the hill into the park.

Tony's sister Jessica joined the family for the photo session too. Jessica works as a nurse, so she's been extra busy these past few months during the COVID-19 pandemic. She's finally easing off of overtime shifts and enjoying going back to a more regular schedule. One of those perks is finally getting to see close family.

With kids wanting to always do the next fun thing, I knew we had to work quickly to get some shots of Matthew by himself. He went straight to the railing and showed me his climbing skills. Matthew, like many boys, cracked me up by giving me silly faces during our photos. Little did he know I was persistent enough to wait for a nice smile.

After years of being married, Shannon and Tony still look at each other with those crinkly eyed smiles. The magic lives on between these two!

We were lucky to get through our session without rain, although we decided to go ahead and use the emergency umbrellas anyways for a few last photos. As you can tell they were a hit!

Anyone looking to book a photo session at Confederation Park is welcome to reach out and let me know your desired dates. This is one of my favourite parks to photograph in Calgary. As you can tell it's absolutely stunning! You can reach me here.

Enjoy a few more highlights from our photo session:


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