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I love my dog and cat so dearly that I wanted to create something that stands the test of time. The results are these watercolour portraits. They turned out so beautifully that I wanted to offer the same service to you.

Using your absolute favourite photos of your goofy dog, your aloof cat, your cherished family, or loved ones now gone, I will create a stunning, custom watercolour style digital portrait just for you.

These portraits make fantastic gifts to friends and family for a number of occasions. Is your son or daughter heading off to college in the fall? Send them off with a watercolour portrait of their precious pooch. Other occasions include:

  • Memorial portraits of loved ones lost

  • Anniversary Gift

  • Birthday Gift

  • Christmas Gift

  • A friend moving away

  • A special treat just for yourself

  • Mother's Day Gifts

  • Father's Day Gifts

Currently supporting the following agencies:

Calgary Humane Society

UNTIL JULY 9, 2020,



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What format does the portrait come in?

Your watercolour portrait will be a digital file, delivered in a private online gallery.

What size can the image be printed in?

I recommend you print the image with a matte finish in one of the following sizes: 16x20, 11x14, 8x10, 4x5

If you choose to print in other sizes then your image may need to be cropped slightly. When ordering, let me know if you have a custom print size in mind.  When you receive your image, you will have an option to order beautiful and professional high quality prints through my Canadian printing lab.

How long will I need to wait to receive my order?

Your image will be ready in about 5 business days.

What types of materials can my image be printed on?

Photo paper, watercolour paper, canvas and pretty much any material photos are currently printed on. I recommend a matte finish with whichever material you may choose.


Add text (free)

Unique colour-pop backgrounds $10

Combine Pets $7 (per separate image)


1. Fill out this form

2. Send me a clear (non-blurry) image via email to along with the names of the people or pets featured.

3. Tell me which charity you wish a portion of the proceeds to be donated to! 

I will send you an invoice which can be paid online via credit card or e-transfer.

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