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I'm Samantha Knoop. Family photographer, mother, occasional painter, amateur dog trainer & expert cupcake eater.

I believe in those calm quiet moments between you and your other half, where you're filled with awe at how lucky you are to spend  everyday with someone who motivates you to be a better person.

I treasure the laughter in your eyes as you behold your mischievous child trying again and again to climb up onto that box that's a little too high, refusing to give up the satisfaction of accomplishing such a small deed.

I adore big booming laughs, crinkled noses, and the seemingly insignificant little moments that weave together into the tapestry that is your life.


I make it my mission to capture these moments on camera so that when hair starts to turn grey, and memories get rusty, you never forget the people that made your life worth living.

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imperfectly perfect

You wouldn't trade these people for the world. They fill your long winter days with more warmth than the sunshine, and make you wish those lazy summer days would never end. Lets freeze this moment in time, so that you never forget this joyful season.

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tender love

Your love for each other is generous, warm, and bubbling. You want to announce to the world in the most beautiful way possible that you're taking your relationship to take the next level. Let's talk photography.



sacred union

This is the big one, the most magical of days. Excitement and butterflies swirl in your stomach at the thought of saying "I do" to your other half. Make sure these memories are preserved to look back on in a month, a year, a decade. See more here.




 "We decided to hire her again for our big day and its the best  decision we ever made"

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